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Description is a fantastic 3D cannon fire game set on the high seas. You begin on one of two teams, as denoted by the colors, and command a ship with a gun that destroys other ships. This game is a lot of fun to play with others or even by yourself because you can demolish a fleet by yourself if you're good enough. However, there are other AIs wandering the seas as well, and they're aboard large pirate ships that your squad will need to work together to take out!

How to play

To be effective in, you'll need to practice steering a lot. When I first started, the controls seemed a little strange because you have to move your cannon around the boat to direct it. This affects where you shoot, so you'll need to adapt before attacking. On the seas, teamwork is essential; after all, a captain is only as powerful as his crew. On that point, there are elected captains for squads; these are picked at random and changed once the captain dies; as far as I know, it gives you no more benefits beyond the ability to issue commands via chat. 

Control : 

Use the WASD keys to move your gun around on the boat, steering it in the direction you want to travel, use the mouse to steer your boat and aim your cannon.

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