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Kizi Karts

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About Kizi Karts

Take part in an engaging race in Kizi Kart by hopping into your trusty race vehicle and racing against other characters over several hard stages. Show other drivers what you're capable of by leaving them behind on the road and giving them a lesson. Is it possible for you to win the tournament?

Prepare for a dangerous race in Kizi Kart

First and foremost, safety! Examine your vehicle's seat, wheels, and other critical components. These are not the roads for inattentive drivers! You need to pay special attention to the course since it is filled with many hazards and challenges. In this game, your goal is to come in the first position in each race. This game is as thrilling as the shooting games such as

Speed up to reach the finish line first in Kizi Kart

There are 15 races spread across three tournaments. In the beginning, choose a level, then a character from five possible selections. The stats of each of these characters are different. Their abilities are initially limited, but you may improve them with the cash you earn throughout the race. To accelerate, press the up arrow key, and to go to the sides, press the left and right arrow keys. You are pitted against five other characters in a race. You'll encounter various obstacles on the road, from oil puddles to fences and signage. You'll be set back if you collide with those. You can get an edge by collecting power-ups. These include anything from speed boosts to traps to keep your opponents at bay. Each race consists of two laps, which you can see at the top of the screen. You can see your current location in the upper right corner of the screen.

How to control

  • Arrow keys: control your character
  • Space bar: Power up.

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