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About iScribble.IO

iScribble.IO is suitable for players who are under stress and want to find a way to entertain. In this game, you are free to draw any shapes or lines to relax.

How long have you been living under pressure? Are you tired and need to find a way to escape from the chaos of life? Come to this entertaining multiplayer game to enjoy moments of great entertainment. Simple graphics and control will help you release your stress. If you have ever played, you will easily get used to the rules of iScribble.IO.

Draw freestyle in this funny game

This game brings entertainment to everyone thanks to its simple and fun gameplay. You are free to draw the lines you want. No one can force you to do anything. You are completely free with your character. There is no required mission in this game.

You want to battle with others in  iScribble.IO

Besides that, if you want competition and excitement, you can completely fight with other players. You can hit other players' unclosed lines to destroy them. Be careful because they can kill you too. The more you draw, the larger the area of ​​your territory. Occupy all the areas on the playing field to become the winner. Before you enter a match, select your favourite colour for your square. When playing, look at the mini-map to know your position and observe the around opponents.

To be king of the map, you should follow some hints in  iScribble.IO

  • Don't try to draw a big ring. It will be the best chance for other players to attack you.
  • When you are surrounded by enemies, moving in your area is the best option. Good luck to you! 

How to control

Slide your mouse to move.

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