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Idle Farming Business

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About Idle Farming Business

Farm games are popular worldwide. These games have lots of plays on the web browser. Now, you also own a farm in Idle Farming Business. You will do many farm works instead of only harvesting like in Sunny Farm io

Expand your farm in Idle Farming Business

You are now in charge of your farm thanks to Idle Farming Business! Purchase fresh parcels of land, cultivate it, bring it to harvest, and then sell the produce for a profit. Improve the production of your crops by upgrading them. In order to multiply your output, you can use boosters such as Sunshine and Rain. Unlock additional land plots, each of which may grow a different type of crop. Make arrangements with potential buyers for your farm!

What you should do in this idle game

Idle Farming Business is a clicker game in which you take control of your farm. Purchase more land parcels, cultivate them, and then harvest the crops for a profit after selling them. Improve the quality of your crops to raise their overall output. Purchase fresh land parcels that already include a variety of crops. Have fun! Besides this game, you also can visit another farm in Farm Day Village Farming. In this game, your mission isn't different from Idle Farming Business. Both games have the same target: making your farm bigger and more developed. 

Features in Idle Farming Business

  • Deep gameplay with high retention
  • Come back to collect your rewards
  • Responsive gameplay, suitable for all screen sizes (desktop, mobile, tablets)
  • Endless gameplay in which you can play until your device runs out of power. 
  • Grow your farm till you're old! Let's plow to enrich your farm with many items 

How to control

Swipe to harvest crops Upgrades crops to increase productivity Discover new features as you embark on this interesting journey to grow your farm business!

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