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Hand Spinner IO 3D

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About Hand Spinner IO 3D

Hand Spinner IO 3D is a fantastic fidget spinner game! You must control a single fidget spinner and try to knock out other players' spinners from the ring in order to remove them.

You can see many spinners in real life. Now, they appear in this online game. You have to race online game in a lobby. Control your spinner and kick put all other spinners. 

Hand Spinner IO 3D

Your spinners grow bigger as you destroy players, allowing you to cause more damage. You may buy upgrades to make your spinner more powerful as you play. Can you become the arena's biggest and deadliest spinner? Of course, when you get the first prize, you will get more money. The lower rank you are, the less money you get.

When fighting, you can see your power circle. If it is full, you will push strongly. However, if it is short, you only make the opponent move a little. Touching the other spinner will lose the power you have. Therefore, you need to save enough power to knock out all spinners in the lobby.

More information about Hand Spinner IO 3D for players

  • Multiplayer hand fidget spinner game as in Shootup io game. 
  • Buyable upgrades are available in the shop. You can buy them to power up your spinner.
  • Super bump skill will shoot the opponents out of the lobby
  • 19 awesome spinner models to use
  • Missions to complete to earn rewards
  • With HTML5 technology, you can play the game on desktop and mobile.

How to control

Drag the left mouse button to move.

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