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Free Gear

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About Free Gear

Free Gear is a racing game that is difficult to put down. While first conquering other cars to the finish line, you may experience numerous races and weather situations.

In this game, you may try out a variety of racing styles! Warm up with a rapid race, or collect your courage and let your dreams fly as you rev up the engine and prepare for tough competitions! The goal of the game is for you to compete in the world's largest independent racing event! Let's experience more thrilling with incredible challenges in another racing game on our web that is Moto x3m 4 winter.

The main objective in Free Gear

Your main goal is to finish in the top third in each of the five events in the game. The following event is only open to those who qualified for the previous one. Winning grants access to the next match as well as gold for upgrades like handling, boost, nitro, and peak speed. You may even alter the colour of your automobile! To earn gold, it's best to finish first, second, or third. Each tournament consists of five distinct races, each with its unique set of options. The weather, visibility, and lap count may all be changed.

Features of Free Gear

  • This is a classic game so you will experience similar gameplay.
  • Select one of the modes to play
  • Level up 
  • Challenging races will make you excited

How to control

Use the arrow keys to drive

Z, X to Gear Up / Down

C to Nitro.


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