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Four In A Row

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About Four In A Row

Drop chips into the columns one at a time to try to get four in a row. Put your chip in a certain row by clicking or dragging it there. Line up four pieces in a row, either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, and you'll have won Four In A Row. You may choose to compete against the computer or a friend in a multiplayer mode.
In this game, you may choose from three different game modes: Play Against Computer, Play with Two Players, or Play with Online Players. In Play Vs. Computer, you face off against the computer. If you're new to the game, you may hone your skills by playing against the computer. You'll have to engage in some head-to-head action with the other player in an online multiplayer mode. If you're a seasoned pro at the game, you shouldn't think twice about going with this choice. If a room is unlocked, you may enter it and compete against a player from any country in the globe using this mode. Further, if you have been given a room key, pick the By Room ID option and then enter the key. And if you want to play with a friend, you can do so too by creating a room either for public use or just the two of you. Finally, there is a 2 Player option so you may enjoy this game with a friend online.
The time has come, so let's get going! If you like the traditional game of Connect 4, you won't want to miss out on this one. Just hit the Ready button to start having a good time right now. A person's mental faculties and capacity for strategic planning are both boosted by playing this game. This means that individuals of all ages will enjoy playing it. Why not enjoy this game with the people you care about?


  • 3 game modes to conquer
  • 1 player or 2 players
  • Simple mechanics

How to play

  • Use mouse to play

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