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Food Empire Inc

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About Food Empire Inc

You will have the opportunity to develop your sky farm into a farming technology empire thanks to Food Empire Inc. Buy floors and hire workers and managers now!

Startup in Food Empire Inc

Have you ever thought that you will be a CEO of a company? It sounds far-fetched in real life. However, it comes true in Food Empire Inc. You will build and develop a supermarket chain. At first, the supermarket was very small with only three workers. One works at the warehouse and two still deliver vegetables to the store. You have to directly command them to work. If you don't like getting a CEO, Mergest Kingdom can turn you into a king. However, you also build your kingdom from a narrow nation by combining three things. 

Expand your supermarket and hire managers in Food Empire Inc

You will have the opportunity to develop your sky farm into a farming technology empire thanks to Food Empire Inc. In this game of idle farming, your goal is to build a sky farm empire and become a high-tech billionaire. In the air, you may cultivate things like lettuce, strawberries, watermelons, lavender, mint, carrots, tomatoes, and even ginseng. The FUTURE has already arrived. Invest the coins in expanding and improving your business. Employ capable managers to simplify and speed up your work. Construct brand-new farms in the clouds at a great height. Your Food Empire may make you money even while you're sleeping. Get investors interested in your sky farm enterprise business, and you'll soon be able to cash out with a mountain of profit.

To begin farming, you will need to tap on your lab staff. The harvested goods must then be brought down to ground level using an elevator. Finally, to maximize your profit, carry the crop to your storehouse. This game is too idle for you. Smash Karts will make you busy. You have to drive a car, shoot enemies and dodge their damage at the same time. 

You should play Food Empire Inc because

  • The game offers easy gameplay, so children can play the game. You will feel happy when you develop a small store into a huge supermarket chain. 
  • When playing the game, you can see many cute characters. The drawing is very unique, you will rarely see in other arcade games.
  • You can level up the systems of the supermarket and buy more floors to sell other food.
  • When you move to another page or website, your supermarket still earns money. 


Does Food Empire Inc end?

The answer is no. 

Can I play Food Empire on my tablet?

Absolutely yes, you can play this game on the computer, mobile or tablet. 

How many floors are in Food Empire Inc?

There are ten floors in the supermarket of this game. One floor for selling and the other floors for providing food materials. 

How to save the game data in the Food Empire Inc game?

Your process will be saved in the cache, so you can continue your process in the next play. 

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