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Flying Cars Era

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About Flying Cars Era

You can see a lot of modern flying cars in sci-fi movies. Now, these flying cars are the main theme in the Flying Cars Era game. It's a new dawn, a new planet, and a new life for you in this game. Get in the driver's seat and embark on other planets' fresh adventures. Nothing is off-limits in the age of flying vehicles. If you're ready, set, and go!

Grab the steering wheel and start the race in Flying Cars Era 

The age of flying automobiles has been predicted for a long time. It's finally here. It's never been more enjoyable to drive! Prepare to pilot your flying automobile in three different game modes in this racing game. You can also challenge a friend and play together if you desire. You must reach the finish line before the timer runs out in challenge mode. Various hazards on the route can slow you down, so activate the nitro bar by pressing the left shift key. To win and unlock new maps in the race mode, complete two laps and cross the finish line before the other players. Ride about aimlessly in free drive mode. There are ramps and hoops to add to the excitement of the trip. Attempt to collect gems and utilise them to unlock new cars with various stats. Have a good time! 

Developer and Release Date

Flying Cars Era is developed by RHM Interactive. It was released on July 09, 2021. 

Three great modes in Flying Cars Era

The game offers 3 available modes for players to choose from. They are a challenge, race, and free drive mode. Especially, each mode has two sub-modes which are single-player and 2-player. Therefore, you can play alone or have fun with your friend. Now, let's explore each mode in this game

Challenge mode

In this mode, some missions are given for you to complete. When you finish these missions, you will receive some gems. For example, you must reach the finish point in the first mission in 90 seconds. You have to face tons of obstacles on the road. Can you overcome these challenges?

Race mode

You will enter a race in this mode. As in Smash Karts, you have to compete with other racers to get first place. Be careful, they can hit your car out of the race. Use your driving skills to pass all of them now!

Free drive mode

As the name of this mode, you can drive as you want. Make some drifts, and jumps with your cars. Just driving without any task or target. You also can select a 2-player sub-mode to race with your friend. It will be very fun.

Game control 

Player 1

  • Use the arrow keys to control the car. 
  • Press the right shift key to activate nitro.
  • P key to stopping the car.
  • O to reset car position.
  • L to look back. 

Player 2 

  • Use the WASD keys to control the car. 
  • Left shift to activate nitro.
  • Space bar to stop the car.
  • R to reset car position.
  • T to look back.

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