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Extreme Moto Run V3

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About Extreme Moto Run V3

Extreme Moto Run V3 is a racing game where you have to drive a motorbike at the max speed. Try your best to reach the destination safely as fastly.

If you love extreme moto games that test your skills, logic and driving ability, then Extreme Moto Run V3 is definitely the #1 game you need to try.

In this game, your task is to drive your motorbike to the end of the road, overcome obstacles and perform tricks along the way. To overcome them, you need to use the "arrow keys" or "fingers" to move, balance, perform stunts and dodge traps. On the track, going through the checkpoints helps a lot as you will start at the last checkpoint every time you crash instead of having to start the whole level again. Do you want more thrills? Come to Moto X3m! In that game, you will drive a motorbike without braking. 

Are you ready for 20 challenging and exciting levels? In these 20 challenges, the next level will be more difficult than the previous levels. Will you be a good driver to complete 20 extreme levels of the game? Also, it's great to note that there is a global leaderboard, so you can compete with everyone else in the world.


How To Unlock Bike Upgrades in Extreme Moto Run V3?

There are no bike upgrades to unlock. However, you can customize the bike’s and the driver's colour when you create an online account on this game. Click on the “Bicycle” button on the main menu and you will have the option to change the colour of your bike and rider.

How to Save My Progress in this game?

There are two ways to save Extreme Moto Run – online and local. There are some differences between the two modes. If you select to save online, your game data will be saved on the game's servers. You can continue your game progress from any computer anywhere in the world. If you choose to play local, your game data will only be saved in your browser’s cache.

How to See My Ranking in Extreme Motor Run V3?

Just click on the “Championship” on the main menu. This will open a leaderboard, and you can choose All time, 30 days, 7 days and Newest.

How to control

Accelerate: Up or W

Brake: Down or S

Lean Back: Left or A

Lean Forward: Right or D

Brake: Space

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