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Drift F1

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About Drift F1

The courses used in Drift F1 are replicas of actual Formula One racetracks. Press the button to control your vehicle as you navigate tricky turns and race to the top of the scoreboard.

Pass the levels and overcome bends in Drift F1

Driving your automobile through a succession of progressively challenging courses, replete with tight turns and uneven terrain, is the goal of each level. To advance to the next level, earn money, upgrade your automobile, and succeed in each one. There are many conveniences offered by various vehicles and maps. If you conquered Drift F1, Super Star Car will give you new challenges. 

Simply click and hold the button to move the car in any direction, then release it to go straight forward.

The key to winning is deciding when to turn. Drift F1 has a few challenging sections, but as you play more, you could become better at them. Because the widths of various platforms vary, turning calls for great accuracy.

What makes Drift F1 unique

  • Conveniently controlled with a single button
  • There are a lot of different cars and platforms to get access to.
  • There is a top ten leaderboard for each difficulty.
  • Accessible with the use of the touch screen on mobile devices.

How to control

  • Press the left mouse / Space bar / Touch screen to turn left or right.
  • Release to go straight.

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