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Downtown 1930s Mafia

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About Downtown 1930s Mafia


Downtown in the 1930s The Mafia is a location where gangs compete for territory. The black market, bank robbery, smuggling, illegal booze, and raids are all on the rise.
It is now open to the public.
Consider yourself in the 1930s. You are a recent immigrant to the United States. Create a gang and lead it to the top. Fight for the streets and respect with the others. With your crew, go on a drive in the authentic vehicles.
We had been anticipating your arrival.
In the Mafiosi world, become a powerful Don.
In this multiplayer third-person shooter game, you may play with thousands of other people online.

More information about the 1930s in Downtown
Empire City, a fictional town, is home to Downtown 1930s. It's a third-person shooter that's always evolving thanks to user feedback and suggestions. 


  • Openworld
  • Guns
  • Driving
  • Gang drive by
  • Choose Character
  • Bad words filter
  • Gas station pumps can be shot and make a nice splash damage
  • Room invitation to play together with friends in the same room 

Rooms : 

There are two kinds of rooms 

  • Full Fight room, the room has no admin, anyone can fight you. Do not complain about tough gameplay. Still respect every player.
  • Admin room. The room has a player admin. Follow the rules of that room, or you might be removed from that room. If you are the admin and leave the room, admin functionality for that room is gone and it converts into a Full Fight room.

How to play

  • WASD or arrow keys = walk / drive
  • H = open the help panel with all these controls
  • F = enter / exit car, sit anywhere
  • R = repair car
  • U = car upside reset
  • T = reset stuck car
  • E = crouch
  • G = greetings, wave friendly
  • Return / enter = focus chat
  • To get a coffee in the game type /coffee
  • To get a bottle of starry's type /bottle
  • - = go to the lobby
  • I = ignore/unignore panel
  • K = invite friends
  • Ctrl + L = dancing a little swing

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