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Donut Shooter

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About Donut Shooter

Get ready to shoot some donuts with Donut Shooter! You are not being tested this time with bubbles, but rather with these delectable goodies that will make you crave sweets more! After your bubble-shooting expedition, you'll be famished, so grab some food and sweets. You need a mouse and your fingers to aim for your donuts. Playing this enjoyable game will allow you to test your targeting abilities in the best way possible. If you are prepared, then start right away!

Clear all donuts in Donut Shooter 

With this enjoyable bubble shooter game, let the donuts rain down on you! You'll all of a sudden find yourself close to the candy store. Nothing else except it can account for all of these treats! Here, the walkways are made of marshmallows, while the trees are made of candies. However, you work with everyone's preferred sweet, doughnuts! 

How to complete the mission in Donut Shooter

Your goal in this entertaining game is to shoot clusters of donuts the same type as the donut attached to the arrow. To pop them, however, there should be at least 3 of the same doughnuts. You will unlock new power-ups as you advance through the game, such as the ability to switch donuts, bombs, and magical coins to destroy numerous targets simultaneously! After using one of them, you ought to have taken enough photographs to use it again. From the bottom of the screen, you can monitor the ensuing donuts and your score. This game isn't thrilling enough. Venge io won't let you down. Pick up your weapons and kill enemies in Venge io

How to control

Shoot all the donuts, just like a bubble shooter!

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