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Dinosaur Game

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About Dinosaur Game

Are you ready to join the exciting races with the dinosaur T-rex? Come to the Dinosaur Game now to enjoy the incredible races between dinosaurs and cacti. It is a simple yet addictive game. It is hard to stop playing this dino game once you have started this running game.

What is Dinosaur Game

Dinosaur Game is a running-adventure game for single players. This video game requires you to use your quick reactions to jump over as many cacti as possible and get the highest score.

This adventure game was invented by the google design team. It appears when your internet is not available. It's a great way to have fun while you wait for a network connection.

As a result, this T-rex game quickly attracted millions of players around the world thanks to its attractive gameplay and easy control.

Attractions Of This Running Game

Addictive Gameplay For Challenging Enthusiasts

Control your T-rex to avoid dangers. Try to run as far as possible. The farther you run, the higher your score. The HIGHEST SCORE is 999,999. When you reach this highest point, the game will reset to the original.

However, it is challenging to reach this score level. There are many cacti on your way. These cacti come in a variety of sizes and spacings. Besides, you also need to avoid the birds flying in the sky. Note that the speed of this running game can gradually increase over time.

Easy Controls for Any Players

You can control your T-rex dragon easily with basic joysticks. You just need to use the ONE in the following control keys to make the dinosaur jump over the obstacles.

  • The UP ARROW key
  • The W key

It's simple to control. All ages can play this google game for the first time. After playing this running game, you can try Smash Karts and Death Run 3D to have more experience.

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