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Count Speed 3D

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About Count Speed 3D

In Count Speed 3D, you'll need to use some arithmetic in order to make your automobile go faster. Navigate your vehicle through red and blue portals to alter your speed, avoid collisions with hazardous objects and perilous foes, and make your way over a course constructed on water! Try to avoid being caught in the speed traps, and position your vehicle such that it is in the furthest line possible to increase your score.

Take control of opulent automobiles equipped with cutting-edge technology and make strategic decisions to maximize your potential for breaking speed and scoring records. On this circuit, you are not competing against other vehicles; rather, your adversary is the speed traps, traffic cones, and enormous cleavers that are ready to cut you! You will alone be responsible for guiding the vehicle as it races toward the finish line. Although you have no control over the speed of your vehicle, you may alter it by traveling via different portals. The blue portals will improve your speed, whilst the red ones will slow you down. As your vehicle draws closer to the subsequent portal, do a calculation as rapidly as possible and choose the action that will allow you to reach the goal in the shortest amount of time. You can reach a stage in the game when you have to choose between two portals of the same hue. To get the greatest possible result, make use of your mathematical abilities. Do not overlook the opportunity to explore the store and get brand-new vehicles.


  • Nice 3D graphics
  • A racetrack with an amazing view
  • Challenging obstacles
  • Improving reflexes
  • Available on mobile devices

How to play

  • Slide to control

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