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Car Eats Car: Evil Cars

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About Car Eats Car: Evil Cars

Let's accompany monsters trucks in the Car Eats Car series. Drive the vehicles on their adventures. In this game, you may see some same enemies which also appear in Car eats car 2: mad dreams. Do you have enough skills to pass all levels? If yes, play the game to prove your ability. 

Escape from prison in Car Eats Car: Evil Cars

Prepare for a new, spectacular Car Eats Car adventure with Car Eats Car: Evil Cars! Our wicked autos were fired because they were outdated and ineffective. Could they still be unconcerned after hearing these words? Certainly not! They assaulted their employer and are now in prison. So, let's begin the game and assist them in completing this perilous trek and releasing them.

Survive and collect gems in Car Eats Car: Evil Cars!

You have a large map of sites to visit in this entertaining shooting game. But beware, the cops are everywhere! Can you assist these bad automobiles to get away from the cops by guiding them through a series of hard levels? All you have to do is manoeuvre the automobile around with your keyboard arrows and shoot the cops with the "space" button. To improve your speed, use the turbo by clicking "X." Many boosters will be found along the road to assist you in surviving this insane chase. Collect as many gems as you can as you travel through the game and use them to upgrade your car's qualities such as armour, turbo, speed, and damage by visiting the garage. Remember to spin the wheel at the start of each level! Good luck and have a good time! When you finish this game's adventure, welcome to the sea adventure in Cars Eats Car: Sea Adventure

Why you should play Car Eats Car: Evil Cars

  • 2D colourful graphics
  • Multiple challenges levels to complete
  • Various boosters with different features
  • Upgrading the vehicles

How to control

Bomb: Space key

Turbo: X key

Gas: W key or up arrow

Brake: S key or down arrow

Balancing: A - D keys or right left arrow

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