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Car eats car 2: mad dreams

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About Car eats car 2: mad dreams


It is said that events that have happened to us affect our dreams. It seems that toy cars are no exception in car eats car 2: mad dreams. Our little red car is having a nightmare because its owner's bullies have teased it before. Their toy cars have more features and this puts the little red car in jeopardy. Help him get rid of the bad cars in his nightmare. Drive through different levels as you try to escape from different enemies. Use power-ups to get rid of them. Can you survive the night, even if this is just a bad dream?

Just because it's a dream doesn't mean it won't hurt! With enemy cars following you with their mouths open in horror, you should watch your way to avoid being stopped by the many obstacles scattered around the level. Your goal is to complete each level by driving down the road as you try to escape this nightmare version of badass cars. At first, you may have trouble keeping some distance between the vehicle and the pursuer. After all, you start with very simple equipment. The red gems will allow you to buy various upgrades from the in-game store to improve your stats. In addition to these upgrades, you can also collect various powerups that can give you an edge against attackers. You can also find some powerful special attacks that can stop your enemies from tracking or even destroy them. You can also use your bombs to blow them up!

  • 50 different achievements to earn
  • Statistics to keep your track of your progress
  • 20 different levels
  • Shop to buy upgrades for your car


How to play

Acceleration: Up key

Deceleration : Down key 

Left and right key : balance car

Nitro : Z key

Power : X key

Bomb : space key


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