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Bricks Breaker

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About Bricks Breaker

Destroy all bricks with balls in Brick Breaker

Play the game Brick Breaker to show off your incredible talents! To unwind and enjoy yourself, try out one of the year's top brick-busting video games. Utilise the ball gun and your fingers in order to demolish each brick. In order to complete each level, you will need to remove every single brick. You need to find out the optimal aim angle in order to shatter the greatest number of bricks possible. When a player's score reaches zero, that player's brick is eliminated from the game. It is possible to prevent the bricks from falling off the screen if you destroy them before they reach the bottom of the screen. There are about 3,000 different levels altogether that must be completed.

How to use the balls break all bricks in this game

Toss a large number of balls and watch as they knock down any and all obstacles in their path as they make their way through the maze you've created. In order to successfully complete the level, it is essential to eliminate each of them. To direct the movement of the balls, you can either use your finger to tap the play area, which will cause them to move, or you can use the slider at the bottom of the screen.

Enjoy two modes in Brick Breaker

The game has two modes for you. They are level mode and endless mode. 

  • The level mode has more than 3000+ levels. This number of levels is much more than in Stickman Hook. You need to unlock these levels one by one. Of course, the level of difficulty will decrease gradually. 
  • In endless mode, you face non-stop coming bricks. They will appear continuously. they appear continuously, and you must break them all before they reach the bottom.

How to control

Touch the play area or use the slider at the bottom of the screen to set the ball's direction.

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