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Bob The Robber 1

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About Bob The Robber 1

In Bob, the Robber 1, stage a sequence of spectacular robberies! Bob enjoys assisting people with his lock picking and burglary abilities, having grown up with the fascinating legends of the heroic Robin Hood. Bob the Robber 1 is the first game in the series, and it relates the tale of how the protagonist got into the thievery business. This voyage includes shadows, guards, security cameras, and ferocious guard dogs. Wear your masks and make your way through the levels on tip-toe. The first guideline for becoming a successful thief is to be quiet and stealthy!

Bob The Robber gameplay

Bob The Robber 1 is a fun game to play for all ages. The game's two most significant elements are stealth and puzzle solving. You'll come across closed doors, secret riches, scary guards, and dangerous guard dogs as you go through the stages! Be quiet, please! Even a single cracking noise might result in your arrest. In each stage, you aim to accomplish a robbery without being caught. To get past the guards, you'll have to pick open the locks on the doors. Bob's trusty lockpick is constantly in his pocket as an efficient and resourceful thief. Wait for the ideal opportunity to wedge the lock pick into the opening, releasing the mechanism and popping the door open. You'll have to deactivate lasers in some stages. To do so, locate the fuse box and cut the appropriate cable. 

Hide in the dark to espace in Bob The Robber

The guards are far too self-assured, and they frequently stroll about without glancing back. That's a flaw in your character! Bob has the ability to blend into the shadows and wait for the ideal moment to knock the guards down. Bob may now proceed on his journey now that the security personnel have been dispatched. However, if you are detected by one of the numerous surveillance cameras, things may not go as planned! To escape discovery, hide in the shadows, dive down a stairway, or run forward and position yourself right beneath the camera. That was a nail-biter! You won't be able to make it out if you set off the alarm, so be extra careful next time. Another game also needs your carefulness, that is Snow Ride 3D. Drive a skate and avoid obstacles along the way.

How to control

Use WASD or the arrow keys to play. Use the space bar to attack the guards.

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