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Blocky Demolition Derby

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About Blocky Demolition Derby

Blocky Demolition Derby is a pixelated 3D online game in which you will be driving automobiles. You've arrived in an arena where your goal is to kill everything in your path. Apart from that, the game provides a variety of modes in which you may try to make as much money as possible or complete all of the prizes. You can use the money on new automobiles, so plan properly. You may also alter and enhance the new automobiles in the editor to give yourself an advantage over your opponent. This game and Burnin' Rubber Crash n' Burn are both suitable for people who love destroying with a car.

Some modes in Blocky Demolition Derby

The game offers many choices for you. You can select one of these modes, including derby mode, tank mode, war mode, tank run and heavyweight. For instance, your mission in a tank run is to collect coins and run from the tank. The other modes are waiting for you to discover.

Let's complete some achievements in Blocky Demolition Derby

There are many achievements such as kill in Arena mode, kill in tank mode, top speed, etc. When you finish an achievement, you can get 1000 dollars. Getting dollars to unlock many new vehicles as in Real Driver

Daily login rewards in Blocky Demolition Derby

You can receive a reward each day you enter the game. You can get coins or vehicles. For example, you can own 20000 dollars on the first day. Then on the second day, a green vehicle will be your gift. You must log in with a game account to get all these rewards. 

How to control

  • Use the WASD keys or arrow keys to drive
  • Use the left or right shift for nitro
  • Use Y/Z for a charge attack
  • Use X or left/right Ctrl for shooting
  • Use C to change the camera
  • Use R to reset the vehicle

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