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Black Stallion Cabaret

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About Black Stallion Cabaret

Black Stallion Cabaret is a puzzle game with a merging mechanic in which the goal is to protect your train from various beasts by fusing different items that can be used as weapons. If you love shooting games such as Black Stallion Cabaret, we highly suggest Time Shooter 2. In this game, you will own special power and use it to shoot enemies. 

Keep dancers safe in Black Stallion Cabaret 

What else do you need if you have an armoured train? Yes, a whole train cabin full of charming dancers! Allow them to tour the entire country while entertaining city dwellers, improving your railway, and repelling monster invasions. The goal of the game is to transport the dancers across the country while keeping them safe from danger. In the main mode, you must combine workshop pieces to boost their level and improve dancers, weapons, and the workshop. You'll need weapons to defend yourself against the countless foes you'll encounter along the way. The combat is fully automated. A swarm of monsters must be defeated in 30 seconds. Dancers perform in communities and are rewarded with railway car information. You can buy new train carriages and update the ones you already have with information. 

Upgrade your items to be stronger in Black Stallion Cabaret 

Combine items to raise their level. An item's level determines how many points it awards when in use. Items are used to enhance dancers, weapons, and the workshop. To utilise an item, double-click on it. To go to the next village, defeat the monster squads. Level up your railway by purchasing carriage components in the town. The amount of pieces is determined by the dancers' skill level. The workshop level influences the greatest level of products that can be created and the size of the warehouse.

Controls in this game

Use the mouse or touchpad to play.

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