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Smash Karts

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About Smash Karts

Smash Karts is a 3D battle Royale io game. Drive your karts, collect and use the weapons in the secret box to battle with other karts, eliminate all enemies. Take on the extreme and exciting speed challenge, and master your vehicles and skills. Take on different opponents in the field, pick up weapons and blow up other karts to win!

After losing, you and your opponents may resume playing the game, utilize power-ups, and eliminate all enemies.

Join an incredible race in Smash Karts

Get ready for the most thrilling kart racing ever right now! Your life as a genuine racer may start again on The Smash Island, or it can end there. Invite your friends, enter the race, and demonstrate your prowess. As the players remove one another, the competition heats up even more. What will the outcome be? Let the game start if you're ready to find out!

Beat the opponents and be the winner in Smash Karts

The rivalry in this multiplayer and online racing game is never only based on speed. Your driving, shooting, aiming, and most importantly, patience, will all be put to the test! Because the people you consider your friends are going to prepare to stab you in the back. Create a nickname for your character right away as you start the game. The main menu also allows you to see your character's stats. You may build a new room and invite your friends to it, or you can join one of the existing ones. The racing field changes when the area is changed. Try to gather as many boxes as you can throughout the race. Some of them will provide you with strong weaponry to take out your competitors much more quickly. At the very top of the game, the screen is a life meter that you may check. You should wait a few seconds before re-connecting to the game if the life meter fills up. Wishing you success and the best of luck!

How to play Smash Karts

  • Earn XP: Control your Smash Karts to compete with other players in the arena for 3 minutes. Each game you play will give you XP. Use that to level up. Each level up, you can get coins, hats, wheels, and character tokens. Character tokens can be used in the reward machine to unlock additional characters of varying rarity.
  • Pick up weapons: Pick up random weapons and power-ups by driving over the boxes with question marks. You can found everything from invincibility to rockets, machine guns. Then, get in your kart and wreak havoc.
  • Customize your kart: Select from a variety of quirky little characters and karts. The customize section allows you to personalize your kart and characters. There are karts, characters, headgear, and festive stuff to be found there.

Smash Karts Playing Hints & Tips

Having said that, there are many tips and tactics available for determining how far you can go in this game. There are many ways to play the game and advance your skills, but there are a few Smash Karts tips you should be aware of to maximize your enjoyment. The following are some Smash Kart playing suggestions:

  • Constantly keep your thumbs on the gas pedal. You'll be able to accelerate more quickly as a result, which will make dodging obstacles simple.
  •  When moving swiftly, use the side buttons on your controller to spin quickly and make it more difficult for enemies to attack you.
  •  If you're up against a seasoned opponent, wait until they turn around before striking. Since they can't see what's coming at them, individuals find it difficult to protect themselves against attacks coming from behind (especially in this game).

Features of Smash Karts

  • Multiplayer in fast and furious battles.
  • Level up, earn coins, and save your stats.
  • Various weaponry, ranging from miniguns to explosives.
  • Customine smash karts and characters

Simple game control

  • Arrows or WASD to drive
  • Space bar to fire weapons

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